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At Wellington Group we empower our experts to establish real relationships with each client. Our leadership has over 16 years of tax and notary experience. Our team provides you with fast, courteous service at affordable prices. We strive to become your number-one choice for tax, notary, and business services.

India Dugat the CEO of wellingtongroup

A Visionary Entrepreneur and Business Leader - India Dugat's Journey

Meet India Dugat, an exceptional visionary and dynamic leader celebrated for her achievements in entrepreneurship and corporate management. We explore her inspiring journey, holistic approach, and dedication to success.

Driving Business Innovation: Founder of Wellington Group LLC

India Dugat, the founder and CEO of Wellington Group LLC, is a driving force in business innovation. Based in Frisco, Texas, she’s a respected figure in modern leadership.

Precision in Business: India Dugat’s Approach

At the helm of Wellington Group LLC, India excels in shaping businesses. With a strong commitment to nurturing entrepreneurs, she crafts tailor-made solutions that go beyond the norm. These efforts lead to remarkable success stories.

Varied Expertise: India Dugat’s Journey

India’s path showcases her diverse talents. From legal expertise to executive leadership, she’s mastered various aspects of corporate governance and entrepreneurial art.

Balancing Success and Life: India Dugat’s Approach

Beyond her business acumen, India values life’s balance. As a devoted matriarch and spouse, she effortlessly blends her career and personal roles, setting an example for all.

Building Bonds: India Dugat’s Network

India is a skilled networker, moving seamlessly from boardrooms to social gatherings. Her passions range from karaoke performances to insightful corporate talks. Engaging with her community, she forms lasting connections.

Legacy of Success: India Dugat’s Impact

In conclusion, India Dugat is a shining example of entrepreneurial success and altruism. Her diverse skills and unwavering commitment have carved her a place of prestige. She’s a guiding light for those seeking achievement and balance.

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